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Pride Season 2021

It’s that exciting time of the year when we, as public servants, have the honour and privilege of leading and participating in various events
that embrace Pride across the federal public service and bring together members of diverse LGBTQ2+ communities and allies.

Yesterday & Today

This year’s Pride Season marks the 50th anniversary of the first LGBTQ2+ rights protests in Canada, which took place in Vancouver and Ottawa in 1971 and marked a turning point for the LGBTQ2+ movement in Canada. From the first LGBTQ2+ rights protest, to the survivors of the LGBT purge, to present, we have made great progress but acknowledge that the fight for equality is not over. As long as discrimination on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other forms of discrimination exist we will keep our voices loud and proud.

The PSP Network supports the advancement of diversity and inclusion across the federal public service and honours the contributions of LGBTQ2+ public servants and their allies.

Street crosswalk made of bricks painted in Pride colours

Public Service Pride Week

Held virtually from August 23 to August 27, 2021.
The theme of this year’s PSPW was Intersectionality.



Introduced 30 years ago by Dr. Kimberlé CrenshawIntersectionality draws on the notion that the social repercussions of individual’s identities, such as their race, class or gender, among other factors, build on one another to affect a person’s life experiences. Intersecting identities create many unique barriers that are invisible to those unaffected which impact these individuals overall health, social and economic outcomes.

By creating awareness for the importance of catering to intersectional needs in our everyday work to better serve Canadians, we are also advocating for a public sector that can be conducive to these varying identities.

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